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We all know the devastating global impacts of climate change. We know there are solutions and widespread public support in countries all over the world. We know that regenerative societies are fully possible, more profitable, and healthier for both our urban and rural environments. But there continues to be a frustrating resistance to change.  


This is why Beoi was created. 


Derived from the Irish Gaelic word “beoigh” meaning to refresh, vitalise, or animate, our core purpose is to breathe new life into an industry that for too long has turned a blind eye to its most destructive and wasteful practices.


We have experienced first-hand how the latest digital technology transforms the Circular Economy to make it the most accessible and affordable option. We have learned from innovative global projects that regenerated land can work for the community, revitalise the local environment and wildlife, and increase the value of any home or development in the area.


We empower communities to revive their landscapes and we are raising the standards of the industry.


Our mission is to create lasting change.


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Jack Davies B&B - Andrea Rocha Photograp

Jack Davies,


Jack has extensive experience in sustainable construction, land restoration, and environmental management.


His passion for regeneration inspired him to start Beoi—an international team of diverse experts dedicated to revolutionizing our approach to restoring our environment.

I want to change the very core of construction planning to include a new position that is given the same authority and importance as the lead architect or developer—an ecologist.


Someone who intimately understands the local environment and can help shape the project to work to the benefit of the people, plants, and wildlife that will inhabit it.