The Goal


We want this


to turn into






The Why

Construction is infamous for its production of waste. None more so than from old building stock.

The materials in disused buildings, in need of updating or removal are most likely to end up in land fill.

At beoi we want to show that all those materials, labour, and energy in fact make viable building material for the next generation of new builds.

Added to this, we are under enormous pressure to take better care of the planet, its resources, and so by virtue of its vital role, our health and livelyhoods.

As ecosystem restoration has shown to be our best chances of recovery, we want to help put as much as possible back where it belongs.

This takes more than just showing that a construction company works for the circular economy. But that we need local communities to be involved in reviving landscapes.

This creates lasting change.


The removal of the old, the reuse and recycling of what was used, the restoration of the land it sat on, and the involvement of those around to understand and protect what is recovered.

The How


New techniques for old problems

Urban Deconstruction

We all have to start somewhere. For us this means taking what we know in Virtual Design and Construction and its many facets, and applying to the building industry for better material recovery.

Leaner means less waste, in less time, for a better value. BIM and VDC have shown their merits again and again.



Steering new initiatives

Programme Management

With programme management we take the holistic approach to integrating individual projects and combinations of projects in a comprehensive programme of works.

Where one approach is often not enough to tackle complex problems and changeable project outcomes, we can provide adaptability over time.



Putting the plants back

Land Restoration

With ethical acquisition of land, both in and out of cities, we want to bring together local communities to regrow what was lost.

Involving the communities means empowering them through learning how to revive the landscape and to provide guardianship over what we accomplish in restoration.